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    KDKTEC Online point of sale (POS) system can be used to any business. It's can be install in to any computer system you're having. it's can be access via smart phones. It's can be use online or Offline. It's simple and easy too. Don't worry you can try it before you decide to buy it. use our demo online point of sale system to check all features.

    KDKTEC.NET Point of Sale is a point of sale system built on top of a CodeIgniter base. It therefore is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database backend for data storage. This means that it'll run on any system with a web browser and can be run on a local server
    (ie. in a WAMP setup) or hosted for multiple clients to access.


    • Portable: since it works in any web browser, it'll work on any platform.
    • Built in functionality
    • Customer tracking
    • Supplier tracking
      Many reports are built in
      Easy to use sales register interface
      Employees with permissions assignment
      Gift cards
    • Ability to run locally or on a server with many clients
    • Inventor tracking

    * Home page:
    * Download:

    Please submit feedback via the KDKTEC.NET support system:

    Visit or Click here to try demo system


    System Admin Account
    User Name: admin
    Password: admin@pass

    Shop Owner Account
    User Name: owner
    Password: owner@pass

    Cashier Account
    User Name: cashier
    Password: cashier@pass

    We made easy way to access every section in our POS System via shortcuts keys

    Key Section

    F1 - Customers
    F2 - Items
    F3 - Reports
    F4 - Suppliers
    F5 - Receivings
    F6 - Sales
    F7 - Employees
    F8 - Configuration
    F9 - Gift cards
    F11 - Full Screen
    TAB - Switch within Buttons & Text Boxes
    Backspace - To get Previous Screen

    How to Install KDKTEC.NET Point Of Sale System In to Web Server

    1. If you use this system in local machine please Install WAMP Server or If you use this system in public domain you need to access to Control Panel of that public domain.

    2. Create/locate a new mysql database to install KDKTEC.NET point of sale into

    2. Execute the file database/database.sql to create the tables needed

    3. unzip and upload Point of Sale files to web server

    4. Copy application/config/database.php.tmpl to application/config/database.php

    5. Modify application/config/database.php to connect to your database

    6. Modify application/config/config.php encryption key with your own

    7. Go to your point of sale install via the browser

    8. LOGIN using

    username: admin
    password: admin@pass

    9. Enjoy

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